A long long time

It has been a very long time indeed since I blogged. In my defence, however, I had discovered www.lotrplaza.com and became involved on the forums. Very involved, and then I came home. As usual, when I get invoved in something I really get involved, I never had time for anythign beyond that. I could mechanically list my achievments and my failures, but what is the point? You see, even though I have a scholarship now, there is next to no chance that I will will retain it. And then again, there is another thing. I have freinds online, but have told none of them abotu this blog. I think that is because I let meself say those private thoughts here. All these days I was feeling bad that I could not make journal entries while at home, and only today did I remember about blogs.
Also saw star wars, and being a star wars freak, I loved it. Felt bad about the inconsistancies, of course, but maybe Lucas does not have an eye for detail.
Have to run now.


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