Eastern / Western

Eastern / Western
Stark Realization, Bland Truth

The final barrier is breached,
I now compartmentalize myself.
Name, label, fix, breakdown.
Answers are in there, Search!
Irony that another brings – me.
When did I stop feeling thoughts?
Logic, Science, exact components,
Confirm there are must be a pattern.
Search! For ultimate infinite.
A beginning there is, and an end.
Both beyond explanation, recognition.

The Way is lost, Knowledge forgotten
The Sum is more than the part
Feel describe, know all as One.
Answers do not exist, Remembrance!
Irony that I am – another.
When does one explain away truth?
Art, Motion, Beauty, Freedom to Be,
Remembrance of Nothing-Everything.
Nothing is there but cycles.
No beginning and no ends to reach.
For journey is the destination.



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