Picasso and Me

Frustrated minds cause no beauty to be
And are not creative, ever, I was told
Ha! say I, pointing to the otherwise plain wall
Where hangs a weatherbeaten imitation Picasso.

Trimphant at something I do not understand
I strut around, for finally, it is one for me
Then I wonder – was this master of squiggles
Spotches of great Meanings, as irritated as me?


3 responses to “Picasso and Me

  1. Love art, they said, it’s the least untrue,
    What beauty is, in a shade of blue,
    And let thy nose rise up above,
    That petty thing little people call love.

    The fool, he sits, he wonders how,
    A million dollars, for a picture of a cow?
    ‘It must be good, since all agree’
    That fool, pity him, is no one … but me.

  2. Pity is too simple an emotion,
    Too dangerous to grant easy,
    The fool I like too much to pity,
    What else will he take from me?

    Although the phrase to rise to love,
    Seems to come from the Man Above,
    Lesser is the Art that calls within that too,
    For the picture of cow does not moo.

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