If you don’t know what to say….

Stay silent I told myself, but it just does not work. I've got to be one of the biggest chatterboxes of the century, and completely tactless to boot, but the worst is that I never seem to learn.

Here is my tongue wagging away, letting slip a hundred secrets by the off-chance remark route. Can you believe that there was someone brodcasting that they were so glad that they didn't flunk when they'd got phenomenal grades? Yes, you can. Luckily, that person was not me. I managed to not mention that I was expecting a C somewhere.

Oh yes. Our grades are out, and methinks I've lost the scholarship. I've counted four people so far who have higher CGPAs than me, and only six get the scholarship. Oh well. What does a huge amount of money matter?

Oh wait, that was supposed to be "what do grades matter?", but I realise that without the money tag attached, I wouldn't really care. Yup. I'm materialist enough for that…
The life of a student is full of stumbling blocks like papers, exams. Results. Classes – ye gods, classes! I hate havign marks for attendence…

All in all, a beautiful beginning to a new year. What else had I expected from this wannabe?


4 responses to “If you don’t know what to say….

  1. Ahh, grades. We’ve all had to live through difficult school terms. I’ve gotten my share of grades I wasn’t pleased with. Still, I’ve found that they never really matter in the long run. It’s what you learn that counts. Hang in there, friend.

  2. hey..everyone has had their share of grades that they aren’t exactly pleased with..it’s all so relative! chill girl..i’m sure things will be ok! thought i’d dash off a comment before i make my way away from home(i have so much luggage!!)!cya..
    Flower Girl

  3. FG ~ (*g* I’m not sure you’ll like the shortform, but I guess you’ll have to deal with it, becuase I’m a wee bit in between classes) Yes, it will be okay. It’s the money disappearign in front of my eyes I’m having trouble taking, 😉 not the grades. Hell, with a 9.0 I’ve got good grades!

    Vavoom ~ Yup, they never really matter in the logn run. But at a certain point of time – like say, when you get it – they do matter. Especially when they aren’t as good as they ought to be…

  4. Hey, grades are a big deal and all, I know. But don’t stress too much. Cliche as it is, just relax and flow around it. What’s done is done, right?

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