One More Inch

Where did Ramblings of a Diseases Mind go? Into the Void. I definately Ramble, and my Mind is wierd to say the least, but I guess Diseased gives it the wrong picture altogether.

So well, I changed it. Hopefully I'll not budge after this change, but it just seemed right.

Oh, someone told me I'd "growed" One More Inch, and I guess I'd like to "grow" a little more too… So, abracadabra, and we have a change.


2 responses to “One More Inch

  1. You do have a beautiful site up here…but here’s a heartfelt suggestion concerning the title of this glorious blog. There are many men out there who suffer complexes concerning the size of their…members, shall we say? And they may flock to this site for relief and therapy, for you have put down the one phrase which screams through their brains, night after night and YOU, dear blogger, have just put it there for the entire world to see…


    So..a change in the name would be appropriate…Ramblings of a Diseased Mind? Quite..:)

  2. You make sense. The change has been affected, and I guess I’ll re-code this page too. *g* Get my own personal template.

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