The Signs

I am convinced that there is a collective subconscious or something of the nature in action. Nothing else can explain the coincidences that occur – the world is NOT that small, it's got over six billion people. So how is it that the ones I know I know by more than one route? Strange indeed.

Consider the word verification option in blogs. Half the time (afterI began noticing) the word verification has something to do with my reply, my unsaid thoughts, or the blog itself. I was thinking about not posting, the words came up to be soemthing like 'ostrich'. Hesitating about pushing "post" when the verification word turned out to be 'rytwrds'. Was reading something about home, and it's 'maschn'. (railways code for CHeNnai Central is MAS.) Beat that.

Maybe the Universe has a Sense of Humour. Freaky. Or maybe I'm just seeing patterns in too many places.


10 responses to “The Signs

  1. hey..very interesting observation ….does this happen even when u refresh the page ???

  2. I never really tried refreshing the page. But my word verfication has the answer: ‘nozko’ 😀

  3. thanks for the reply in my blog…i second ur thoughts …

  4. you know what I got as wod verification: inaras
    kidding…nice point though…I also had the same feeling once when I got ITHODA…when I was commenting something sarcastic…
    computer kaka…

  5. navin ~ I think I’m reading WAY too many paterns into this… btu the fact is, that I can see those patterns. Hopefully – it’s not something like Bruce Almighty where I miss all the “STOP!” signs.

  6. You know, when we want to believe something, however strange it may be, we can always make ourselves believe it. 😉 The string for my word verification is “gythzjbk”… The only thing I can think of now is Scrabble, and all the points those letters would fetch me! 😛

  7. noetic license ~ no vowels though… give me an a or an o, and hen the score would hit the roof. Imagine an open TWS or evena DWS… *Salivates* I love scrabble!!

    You are correct about believing when you want to believe – astrology follows that pretty well,a ctually. In terms of character traints, predictions for 12th of the world population is bull.

    word verification: ‘thasrite’ Coincidence, do you think?

  8. lol, i never paid attention to the words
    maybe i will now!

  9. Interesting, Now am trying to force myself to see a connection between this comment and “rzwwn”. 😛

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