To the Gathering

Dipping through the wind and the clouds, darting through the heavy air to reach the thinner one that left spots into her eyes – ah, Shadow was reminded of the time she had been flying TO the Gathering rather than now, when she was flying from it…

To the Gathering
The fierce delight of the kill,
The exultation as my wings tense
And with eyes keen on prey,
My talons flex before they hit the soft flesh
And the yielding weakness
Of what was once a dove but now…
Is but a morsel to keep me alive.I know no other way to be
I cannot imagine – being without
The wind in my wings, the high rising warmth
And the call of the blood in my throat
Of the scream that strikes fear
In the heart of most creatures but…
For me is a cry of my freedom

Wild I am and I rule the clouds
The sky and all that lies within these
This is my domain, this fringe between plain
And deep forest, the one with the Tower
Of darkness and death and evil uncounted
In the secrets that are wrought inside but…
There I will go, see for myself.


2 responses to “To the Gathering

  1. I like this piece. It is oddly peaceful. About accepting one’s nature. You have me an idea…


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