Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Always had a fascnation for Egyptian Hieroglyphs… (I think I've been fascinated by everythign that has ever been exotic) so when I saw this on Abhi!'s Blog , I just HAD to do it too. In case you were, wondering this is 'Camphor' using Egyptian Hieroglyphs!

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10 responses to “Egyptian Hieroglyphs

  1. you know that egyptians did not have a seperate “K” or “C”…So Kamphor my CK (computer kaka) is either CC or KK…something similar to the tamil language…which is nearly the same age…

  2. navin ~ that would be two birds.. wow, you should lift it and sign off that way, after your earth-shaking pronouncements as KK. (dead ducks, it appears 😛 )

    jive ~ Thankie!

  3. so you blogrolled me….same to you….he he :)…
    have changed your name though in my link…hope u don’t mind….

  4. hey sarani (at least am hopin its u)

    remember me?? how u beeen??? reached ur blog through priyanka’s blog.
    hows life??
    u write really well woman. keep up the bloggin and convince pinku to write more often =D

  5. ur name appears good in this style…

  6. navin ~ np at all. Wait, I just checked! Karpooram! OMG, that is just ONE of the two meanings of my ‘name’… but yeah, no problems either ways…

    Akanksha ~ ’tis me indeed. Emailed you! 😀 Haz is writing, f I have to drag her to the lab and force her to sit in front of the computer…

  7. on seaching…here’s what I find out….. camphor tamil egypt blog..unfortunately I am the winner here…:)

  8. ok watched the page with the wizard now watching it without it…enna serious editing going on what?…

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