A few changes…

… in my blog. I got bored, which is a pretty common reaction with me. All graphics used are MINE, baby, mine. I spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how a template was coded, and the bottomline is that I managed to learn a bit of HTML.

The sidebar is huge, but it's now somewhat organised. Don't worry if you can't see the 'organisation'. It follows my logic, and well.. that doesn't really make sense to many people.

Suggestions and comments are welcome…


8 responses to “A few changes…

  1. Hey, thanks for blogrolling me…and nice graphics…me don’t know a thing abt these things….i liked the hit counter funda…funny…

  2. the blue flower?? really kills it! i know u like it but! just try removing it!

  3. The blue is kind of eating everything up…
    And thanks for blogrolling me.

  4. Looks really nice

  5. the monk ~ you’re welcome and thanks!

    abhi! ~ It’s going shortly! Maybe pink later…

    DC ~ I like, I blogroll. 🙂 and maybe I should dull the crystal of the blue. Man, what would I give for photobucket now!

    neon ~ Thankie!

  6. Camphor – Thank you so much for the lovely comments you made about my garden photos. I’m glad they bring you pleasure. I’ll be even more glad if they encourage in you a desire to learn more about plants and enjoy gardening if possible. Best wishes always. Alice.

  7. alice ~ your blog inspired me, and I went around, camera in hand, looking for something to photograph. Unfortunately, my city just got flooded, and all I can see is poor droopy plants complaining about an overdose of water after at least two years of drought!

  8. looks cool!!! but really….go easy on the blue :)…even though i love blue!!! and if this whole template is your handiwork….i’m impressed! 🙂

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