Carnatic and Jazz Lovers…

… gather around. I know I get over enthu about stuff, and therefore put a brake when I'm about to recommend something, and see if after week – I'm still be enthu about the thing… General rule to follow, but I was sure even when I first heard this guitarist that a week's waiting would make no difference. I waited a week. I'm still enthu. You probably don't really need me to introduce you to this guy, but I have to anyway:


If you haven't heard his music, you have to! All credit to Kini for introducing me to him/it!


2 responses to “Carnatic and Jazz Lovers…

  1. allo…

    A little credit in this direction for being the guide would be nice. *low-self esteem and all that jazz* (get it all that jazz….?@? oh whatever nevermind)


  2. Kini ~ *g* I… err… am sorry? *winces* I thought I put it there… It’s there now. I get ‘all that jazz’, by the way, from the movie ‘Chicago’… I’m ignorant, not THAT ignorant. 🙂

    Finally almost done with that template I was telling you about. Will be up soonish.

    ‘My mind is like lightning – one bright flash and then it’s gone’.

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