Suicide Point

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Inexorably they march on. What drives them to sacrifice themselves? Jihad? Duty? Animal Instinct? Why extinguish your life when it is precious, every instant to cherish, and every moment to live? Why give it up for a cause that will not bear fruit? For a truth that none understand? For a purpose that will not be served?

Besides, cleaning up the mess they leave is a chore. Even when they offer to clean up after themselves. As for what I think – well, I sip formic acid enriched water* and wonder- why?

They come in droves to drown themselves. There is not a water body to be seen that they do not go all out to attack, and trust me, there is nothing to be found in the darn place EXCEPT water. Whatever be the conditions that meet them, knowing that many before them have perished in this pursuit, they come. They might as well leap off cliffs. They certainly have me baffled. Holding a water bottle with floating clumps of dead ants.


*I’m vegetarian. In first year, I used to be teased about drinking water that ants have died in… there wasn’t an option, you left water out for five mixtures even with the cap of the bottle screwed tightly shut and you’d find an ant or two dead in it. Even when it was clear, one always had a sneaking suspicion that at some point of time, that water had seen first hand death. Leave it overnight in the middle of a clean floor and you’d find about a hundred or so floating together in two or three clumps. Where they came from was a mystery, because there were none seen running on our floors or our walls – we were merciless in executing our “death to the ants” regime. It was ‘kill on sight’.


10 responses to “Suicide Point

  1. There is a rodent that does just that, commits mass “suicide”, Lemmings are really weird creatures.

  2. Lol, apoorv, coming up next was my “Rat Adventures”. 😀

  3. Ah !! I pre-empted your next post 🙂 I am getting good at this 😀

  4. Ants taste funny…

    Ever tried any sweet that is infested with ants?


  5. apoorv ~ Perhaps. 😀

    arz000n ~ nope. Just that water, generally threw the sweet if it got ants. Here’s the odd bit: Ants DIDN’T attack the sweet / food as much as the water. Bizarre. 🙂

  6. its basically the heat outside. They move in herds and seek cooler places and water was definitely cooler than most other things in india, so the obvious wish to be in it to escape the heat and hence their untimely death…pity

  7. hehe.. i so totally have been thru this. in my room in singapore..these stupid red ants keep appearing and u kno what they dont target the chocolate but go right for the fucking water bottle.
    and then i cant even have the water then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have to go to the kitchen everytime i need water!!
    STupid stupid ants..

  8. I’m vegetarian as well and your post made me consider if I would drink water in which dead ants died.

    I believe it wouldn’t be a problem for me. My conscience regarding their death is clear and it was purely the insect’s choice. I wouldn’t eat the ant because dead bodies have no place in mine, but the water? I don’t see why not.


    Sud Ram

  9. kathigeyan ~ Never thought of the heat factor — they didn’t rally jump into the boiling kettle, that’s for sure. Well, experiments will begin when I get back.

    aesa ~ ditto here. There I had forgotten lindt, open, in my room, and not a single ant on it (thank god! I’d kill myself if something happened to my chocolate) and the water bottle about to fill up with the darn ants.

    sud ram ~ Having come to the same conclusion as you (and being lazy about going all the way to the water cooler every time) I drink formic acid enriched water. I do prefer water that has not seen millions of ants swimming in it however. Thanks for dropping in on my blog!

  10. Have you seen some designs they form when they float on water.. looks like kaleidoscope

  11. Really? The black ones do, sometimes, the red ones only make big ugly lumps or clumps or whatever…–>

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