week_of_science: on laughter

One week of writing a post a day about science shouldn’t be difficult, correct? To not fill it with musings that go absolutely nowhere … well, that should be a peice of cake, correct? Well, I signed up for a week of science challenge, with a few brave people – it begins today. And then spent the last day looking up something to write about. I had only this as the guideline:

Bloggers who self-identify as scientists and science writers should post on:

1. Published, peer-reviewed research and their own research.
2. Their expert opinion on actual scientific debates – think review articles.
3. Descriptions of natural phenomena (e.g., why slugs dissolve when you put salt on them, or what causes sun flares; scientific knowledge that has reached the level of fact)

Bloggers who claim to be philosophers of science (or have been accused of so much) should post on issues, ideas, and debates in philosophy of science that are not frequently used or dictated by anti-scientific groups. The demarcation problem, for example, should be avoided unless it can be discussed without reference to anti-science movements.

And bloggers who are not scientists – focusing mainly on public and policy debates on scientific issues – should post on issues that are legitimately controversial for scientific reasons. Topics that are controversial simply because of anti-science movements should be avoided.

More here.

I’m hoping to talk about laughter. And yes, first post about week_of_science in a few hours. Meanwhile, the feed is here:


Lets get started!


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