slow down


fatigued,withthe rightkneeachinglikeanarthriticwomanofgreatage’s,eyesaboutto giveoutsoon, backalltwisted,hunched,hurting, painohpain.

a tooth that has misaligned, a catalogue of things to do left behind,atasktocomplete,and twomorespingup,


where does it stop?


7 responses to “slow down

  1. Well. It all depends on how u see the world. if u wish to stop all these bring it to and end , then u can . Just limit your expectations and desires. Everyone is facing the same scenario , as all want to excel in life which ultimately means to have a fatter pay and luxurious life . Which however shouldnt be the case.

  2. It never ends. The real trick to surviving is to have a minute or two to relax and be yourself. Even those atlas like arms of yours need to rest. I know they are impressive and flexy and all that stuff. But you need to find the time to rest. Tasks are never ending that way.

    That all said, I do have a question; if things did slow down, could you handle the silence?

    Smile XD


  3. something non-academic (non-genetic 😉 ) on the blog after a loong time – something which I can relate to and converse about 😀 hehe

    nice lines… in fact lately such philo has been the basis of most of my introspection!
    donno why these lines remind me of the song ‘Did You’ from the movie Spiderman II:

    would you say everything you could
    do the things that you thought you would
    did it ever occur to you that this could be your final day
    did you go where you wanted to go
    learn about what you wanted to know
    did you ever really give something back instead of always taking it

    did you find what you’re looking for
    did you get your foot in the door
    can you look at yourself and feel proud of all the things you’ve done
    did you inspire the ones that you knew
    make a difference to those who knew you
    did you finally figure out what it is that makes us who we are today

    don’t waste another day
    you never know when you’ll get one
    don’t waste another day
    to do anything you haven’t done

  4. Hey Camphor! wont ask “how goes it?” tht seems fairly obvious from the post 🙂
    Good to see u here, like the template too, very minimalistic. Good going!

  5. hey did you say tooth problem? :O

  6. Slow down gal, and listen to this track..

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