Little Known Truths

Woven within the lies are little known truths.

Fingers clenched into a fist, thumbs tucked in, insecure,
what does she protect herself from? and how? Foolish.
Nails marking half moons in red on white flesh, in pain,
what is the punishment for? and why?
A child controls and reacts from a full grown mind.
Where does the adult go in these vulnerable times?
Tap tap tap. Thoughts process; run through.
Lists made. To do. But the other hand clenched, still.

The ones from whom she wants respect,
and honesty
and faith
and trust:
where are they? Can they not see beyond the lies —
to the truths inside?

True, it’s too much to ask: Who sees the truth
woven within the lies?

3 responses to “Little Known Truths

  1. hey… remember me?? Used to visit your blog on blogspot… we even spoke abt shakespeare and you got me to buy the book… how have u been ?

  2. You know, in (any kind) arguments that happen in recent times, it seems like we live beyond truth/lies.Only acceptance matters. How much lie/truth we can take in. The rest is unquetioned for.

  3. @vk – yes, I do. 🙂 I’m fine, a bit tied up RL. Will try to get to your blog. Thanks for remembering me!

    @incognito –
    I guess that is the point: who and what do you accept? Is there any truth at all?

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