Minor shock treatment

I feel like an onion.
Every time I turn around, I see a new bit of me, and I am not sure the peeling is comfortable.

Why is every little thing a surprise these days?
(Don’t tell me I’m growing. )

7 responses to “Minor shock treatment

  1. Whom are you making cry?

  2. Awww, I guess growing wouldn’t be a good thing at this stage of life. At least physical growth.

    But don’t we all continue to grow on some level throughout our lives? I look back on the blind woman I was all those years. Perhaps I have grown some eyes. Is it comfortable to see the things I see with my new eyes? Not always. But isn’t seeing (even when it hurts) better than not seeing?

    I love you.

  3. probably a metamorphosis 🙂

  4. I was about to write shedding old skin is good, but Monk’s is better.

  5. @Gapp
    Random people. Usually me.

    Yes it is. But it’s still a very strange feeling.

    🙂 yeah

    Hey, that’s my line!

    Yeah it is – if you get new skin in exchange. Pink raw skin is itchy. And that was my line he stole!

  6. we never stop growing. We all learn things about ourselves all the time. Some we like, some we don’t. I just hope it doesn’t stop. Or I’ll have a problem.


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