Building up

Somewhere beneath Period Three Implies Chaos
In the whirlwind

of strange, unexplained, half-forgotten phenomena
of dirty mugs, empty bottles, open pens;

Between the dog-eared copies of Slowness and the Prophet

and half-corrected fourth grade notebooks
with strawberry stains smeared generously on top

Lies a cream envelope she’s looking for:
Buried beneath mountains of duty and paper.

Modified from the original on the LotrPlaza.

3 responses to “Building up

  1. That’s just beautiful.

  2. I love this! It is so good to see your poetry again. You always have been able to inspire me to reach higher.

  3. This is the first one I read, right? Again, I enjoy the intertextuality even if I’m not familiar with all of the sources referenced here. It was a smart move to bring them in and it was tactfully done. I also like the image you decided to end on.

    Good stuff. šŸ™‚

    We should get together and discuss writing/philosophy again.

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