Dear Ass. Ed.,

Once, a long while back, I got very angsty about a review I received (Many more negative – and worse – reviews I’ve handled much better than this). Now I’m more or less C’est La Vie-ish about it, but back then, I’m sorry to say, I wrote this. Then I hid it.

Please don’t pull just any paper from the literature and shove it at us to read. Either read our manuscript and figure out what it is about, or say that the manuscript is not clear about the focus of the work.

Take a hint from the title. We *want* to address a specific area. That is, by definition, a limited study. We’ve even spent a page on why.

As for the papers you have asked us to reference:
buddy, the first paper has nothing to do with our work. Just because the model used a term which we use frequently in the manuscript… Two paragraphs on the generalised item, which we have emphasised we are not working on, do not have any connection, or, for that matter, any relevance to the comprehensive survey we have carried out.

For the others, did we mention yet? We have a specific study, with specific results, and a general paper does not substitute for that. You can extrapolate, but we have proof. Surely you recognise the value of that? Let me spell it out: if we were to extrapolate instead of prove everything a) science would be extinct b) you’d be out of a job.

Grow up. Don’t side with the nay-sayer just because it is politically expedient. Read the damn manuscript before you decide what you’re going to do.

So we were long winded. But you never read anything but the abstract and conclusions, or you would know we have covered all the ‘concerns’ you have. End of vent.

I wish I could say you can take your journal and stuff it up yours. But — the problem was that my Abstract and my Conclusion did not convince you: I was a bad communicator. So I won’t send you this, and will fix the manuscript. Because it really is good work and really will be of some use in this confused field.

Yours sincerely,


5 responses to “Dear Ass. Ed.,

  1. hahahhahah.. I’d love to write one.. I’ve been down this post-it-take down before..

  2. Er… Now you scare me… :-S

  3. Fabulous. Loved it!

  4. Ouch. Those reviewers sure seem like a pain!

  5. Arun
    It’s horrible to have an occasion to write it, or something like it, at all.
    I don’t take down posts, btw. 🙂

    Don’t worry. Like I said… I don’t hate you that much — yet. 😀

    *g* I know what you mean, it was a release to write it. Felt better immediately. Now if only there weren’t consequences to an in-person rant!

    Yeah. But if you actually get through them then it’s a rush. It’s worth it, methinks…

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