It’s been a year since I had a brand new notebook. You see, I’ve been brought up to the creed “do not waste” and so, of course, I use other people’s left over, part-used notebooks (ripping them apart with great satisfaction). Perhaps it’s noble (recycling, environment etc).

It’s also sad. A little pathetic even.

I want a fresh, new notebook.
All mine, Mine, MINE.

And its endess possibilities.

4 responses to “Notebooks

  1. Awww… I want a brand new notebook too!

  2. I’ve flicked infinite amounts of notebooks from work. 😀

  3. Being a longtime follower of the “do not waste” creed, one got though all four years of engineering on a single, sturdy A4 notebook. Pretending to take notes is an art in itself.

    P.S. In Singapore, “notebook” commonly means “laptop computer”. One was somewhat startled to read that you rip them apart (with satisfaction, too) before realization kicked in.

  4. Canary ~ Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    tM ~ Figures. *rolls eyes* What shortage of botebooks do you have that you need to flick, hmm?

    the One ~ *giggle* Oh, quite the monster! Ripping into the laptop (which is called a laptop around here 😛 ) just cause it isn’t mind. Fun!Fun!Fun!
    I ran through six notebooks a semester. One was a ferocious note-taker. One believed this allowed one to study only the day before the semester and maintain one’s CGPA at 9.0

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