Absolute evil (if that exists), bloodsucking creatures, with not a care. You’d imagine Dracula, perhaps. Lestat, the chap from Slayer, and most of Rice’s – thought of whom – curdle your blood.

But apart from Dracula, the first vampire to get to me was Andre LeBrel. Young looking, neat as a pin, warm, and a good guy. Bless Lackey, for since I have not been able to think of vampires as all-evil. There’s Otto Chriek, and the Black Ribboners on Discworld; no Pratchett fan can forget Carpe Jugulum. Then came Digital Knight. I believe Stephanie Meyer’s vampires abstain from human blood.

So after someone asked me a question – I’m wondering. What do you think of them?

Five words you can use to describe vampires? or which you associate with them?


10 responses to “Vampires

  1. Pale, Fanged, Corpse, Puncture & Tall. Vampires fascinate me. Esp. after reading the quintessential Dracula when I was 12.

    …no Pratchett fan can forget Carpe Jugulum

    Hear, hear! 🙂

    Also, try Meyer’s Twilight series. You’ll like it.

  2. hot

    btw…who are all those ppl u have spoken of in this bloglet?

  3. 1 mysterious
    2 segregated
    3 misunderstood
    4 powerful
    5 voluptuous! (dracula, from dusk till dawn, et al)

    Getting reminded of Lestat’s words – come out, come out. where ever you are.

  4. Ah. Let’s see, five words:

    Young women in night-dresses. 😀

  5. Whoa!
    I did not know we had bloodsucking monk-rel in our midst! 🙂
    When did the saint turn satan?

    Red underlined Cape
    Very materialistic, yes!

  6. mysterious, control, smoke, predator, shadow

  7. @S – I did try Meyer recently! I love it! I have read only two of the four, but I am willing to wait for my next flight to buy the others, books here are so expensive!

    @juggy – people from books, man, maybe vonnaku theriyadu. 😛

    @posion – do you like lestat though?

    @incognito – Thanks. But that’s the typical dracula association. No new age vampirism for you, I guess!

    @Josh – Thanks!

  8. fake

  9. and im one of them ::::::::}

  10. My favourite vampires are Pratchett’s ‘Black Ribboners’, like Otto Kriek

    “und ze cocoa, und ze sinkink around ze fire und ze never even sinkink of ze ‘B’ vord…”

    and Maledict(a) with her dependence on coffeeeeeeeeEEEEEE

    ‘sOK I’m ok now… V^^^^V

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