I want my poisons to be prettily packaged, please. Enticing with its smell, or it’s amazing texture that makes you want to touch. And maybe it’ll do interesting things, just so I won‘t get bored..

I wouldn’t be amenable to one that appears unattractive.

Not at the beginning, anyway.

7 responses to “Addictions

  1. May I ask, how you are doing, and if life warrants any help, which I may offer?

  2. AM
    Appreciate the offer of help. I’m in no danger of going to seek a _real_ poison, and I’m not even depressed. Life is good. Not always, but as a general state.
    I was reflecting on how some things that you know are bad for you are nevertheless attractive. And for me, it seems, that depends as much on the packaging as anything else.

    Why invoke that chap here? 😀

  3. Haha… Nice one.. So what exactly is this ‘interesting’ stuff you want to happen when you’re killing yourself anyways??? A sort of last-minute experience, p’raps??? 🙂

  4. Interesting Lines…made me think..think and think hard, however these went above my head! Interesting lines thou…

  5. @Hana
    It wouldn’t be interesting if I knew exactly what was to unfold, would it? I would be disappointed by regular stuff – the life flashing before one’s eyes etc.

    I like flinging myself into the teeth of the unknown. Even if a bit of me is screaming for security and clinging to the carpet.

    I’m glad it made you think 🙂 Appreciate the time you too to read this stuff!


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