We are the patches of our parents, teachers, heroes, villains. We’re the quirks we picked up from old friends, habits we learned from family. We’re a little bit of everyone we meet, by being what they want or being what they don’t. We’re touched and moulded and changed by every little thing, some more than others.

Beneath this all there is a pattern to our absorbtion, the things we choose to be. There are influences that are stronger than others, are there not?

We are patterns. We are a legacy of a life lived and a journey undertaken, the final product of an unfolding story.

9 responses to “Legacy

  1. Anbazhagan Ramasamy

    Rightly said,Sarani. But the patterns are unique.Each and every person in the world make their own patterns according to their choices.If you peel off everything,we will have what we had in our womb.Absolute bliss!!

  2. I believe what we eventually absorb is a mix of what we choose to absorb (when we have the luxury to do so), and what the circumstances would have us absorb perforce (There are experiences we wouldn’t want to have, but do anyway)

    But perhaps there is a “higher” pattern? I think not though. It’s this unpredictable mix in what we imbibe that lends us our flawed, human nature, no?

    A beautiful sentiment, nonetheless. Hope you’re doing well! 🙂

  3. thats precisely what the behavioural school of psychology professes…

  4. we indeed are the sum total of the experiences we live through.

    i guess thats why each person is unique – because everybody lives through different experiences giving him/her an individual unique identity.

  5. “Cuz all you touch and all you see…
    …… is all your life will ever be”
    – Roger Waters

  6. There is something magical and ethereal about your writings.

  7. “And so, my God, grace me the opportunities to always remain close with my friends, for I want to pick from the best.” Amen!


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