every little thing has a consequence and sometimes they don’t go the way you’d like. somedays you meet a stranger in a tea cafe and there is a shift from one end of the spectrum to another. other days you cling so rigidly to what and whom you are, so very sure you are, that you let a precious thing slide.

but when the moon shines on the bough of the tree outside my house and the porch looks ever so inviting, i can’t think.

and the third of the greatest forks so far fades until there is no choice at all.

being what you are and who you are is no choice at all.

3 responses to “being

  1. Third fork? Does that refer to not having to make a choice?

    Isnt not making a choice, also making a choice?

    • Pfft. These deep thoughts are beyond me.
      And I doubt that the choice to not make a choice is ever actually ‘made’ with any sense of finality. Because that one is always open to change, is it not?

      • Umm.. I know for a fact that politicians in most democracy’s including India and US are allowed to abstain from voting on a Yes – No poll. So they are allowed to make a no-choice.

        personally, i have made no-choices in my life.

        and sometimes you just decided to stick to a no-choice and dont want to change it.

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