where’d you go?

(fort minor)

There are times when you are feeling just delicious: you want to hug yourself and be happy. Then the words interfere – there is you, labeling, defining, explaining, talking to yourself, creating a story about what you saw, what you felt, what you were.

The Magic just dries up when you cage it in words.

What is is.

And if you don’t let it be, you are left wondering… where’d you go?


3 responses to “where’d you go?

  1. just dropped by and noticed you had “snow” falling on your blog. there are little white dots moving around the screen just like snow falling. It looks beautiful!

  2. That’s true..most of the times words fall short of describing how you feel at that exact moment. But somehow when someone else writes it..you don’t find yourself asking that question 🙂 You just end up with this warm fuzzy feeling that you’re not the only one 😀
    PS : Nice touch on the layout btw..very mehendi-esque, very you 🙂

  3. It’s not really true for writers who write without ego.

    Ego is what kills the magic.

    You’ll still never write it the way you want to, but the magic will still be there.

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