Call me Camphor: I’ve been her for a long time on the internet. I’ve been:

So that means that I won’t blog just to keep these pages ‘alive’. To check if I am still around – if you want to – you can always shoot me an email at nineran [at] yahoo [dot] com OR use the form below (I should warn you though, with me current work load I’m not promising a prompt reply.)

RL, I am a graduate student in Life Sciences. My interest is primarily in structural biology of enzymes and their networks: like cell signalling pathways in apoptosis – and thus cancer- not that I have anything against the others. In fact, I’d love to do ‘something else’ and lead up to this. I have years and years and years to learn and I like exploring. Look at protein networks, pathways is … fascinating. (No, I’m not doing it too brown :P) And as for crystallography… *sigh*… I love it.

So that’s it about me. You could gather a whole lot more if you read between the lines of my blog(s). So…

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