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Little Known Truths

Woven within the lies are little known truths.

Fingers clenched into a fist, thumbs tucked in, insecure,
what does she protect herself from? and how? Foolish.
Nails marking half moons in red on white flesh, in pain,
what is the punishment for? and why?
A child controls and reacts from a full grown mind.
Where does the adult go in these vulnerable times?
Tap tap tap. Thoughts process; run through.
Lists made. To do. But the other hand clenched, still.

The ones from whom she wants respect,
and honesty
and faith
and trust:
where are they? Can they not see beyond the lies —
to the truths inside?

True, it’s too much to ask: Who sees the truth
woven within the lies?

Confessions, anyone?

When come clean commented on my blog, I found an interesting site. I’ve been meaning to write about it since, but…Anyway, ConfessMail is a website which posts the picture postcards of confessions that people have (snail) mailed the organisation. On a similar note, the SocialMoth application on Facebook lets you say (and ‘heart’ with) stuff you wouldn’t say without the safety of anonymity to buffer you. Some of the lines I saw recently on SocialMoth:

‘What do you do when you know you’re betraying someone and you can’t help yourself?’
‘I know I should leave you but I can’t.’

and a thousand others, some of which I even ‘hearted’, and much of which is (surprisingly) nice. The strange thing is that you can see/feel the trauma/pain that these people are feeling. Or maybe you just think that what you would feel had you been in that situation is what they actually feel.

What is it about being anonymous that sets you free to be what you’d be minus society (which is, admittedly, not very nice sometimes)? And why do you relate so much better when there isn’t a byline? Maybe it is easier to put on someone else’s shoes when you don’t know who they are.

A snapshot of lives and a window to souls:

I've bitten off more than I can chew I'm caught in a web of lies I feel like this insideI want to fly

[from http://www.confessmail.com/%5D