Updates R Us

  • RL about me is to be updated. It is only that I don’t yet know what it is to be changed to, you see.
  • Blogroll is updated, as far as I can see. If I forgot you, please drop me a line here.
  • I need to put in links to websites of people I support but don’t actually know, as opposed to the blogroll and I haven’t. I’m terrified of becomes a walking endorsement. But if you should be here, tell me.  Eventually this list will go up, despite my fear.
  • Also plan to put in a current-ly reading, and have-read list*. I want stars. As soon as I can figure those out, both lists will come out. Have ideas? Will take.

*I figure that books and my addiction to them, and possibly writing are all that I have left at this point. Outside family.

7 responses to “Updates R Us

  1. You can directly import your blogroll from blogrolling.com, you don’t have to do it manually…

  2. Thanks. 😀 I just did…

    There are people whom I intended to add on the old blogroll and didn’t. I just need to add them.

  3. er. would be much grateful if you’d change my URL to http://suraksha.wordpress.com 😛


  4. right. right. ummm.

  5. Hey, thanks for including me in the latest Carnival of the Green. FYI – you spelled my last name incorrectly; it’s Sheth, not Seth. Thanks again!

  6. Changed. 🙂 Sorry about that, my bad.

  7. Wondering. I got a lovely note from you and I assume you were a friend to me back in the days when I blogged regularly ? Yes? Many moved on to WordPress and I’m wondering who you were on Blogspot so that I could know who I’m talking to / hearing from.
    What was the name of your site at Blogspot? Or did you not have one?

    Thanks so much for clearing up confusion. You have a lovely site here … I just wish I had time to do everything I’d like to on the Internet.

    Have a lovely day …

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