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Janus-coinI have a Roman coin: Janus looks both forward and back. Hence January, at the threshold of the old year and the new. Happy New Year! [Belated, of course].

I found a tag at Dreamcatcher’s, and I helped myself to it. It seemed to suit. πŸ™‚

10 things I miss

  • Home: Curd rice. πŸ™‚ My brother, that fool. Small things.
  • My books in one place and reachable.
  • Hostel at college and all those late night chats. Exam times. Yes, really.
  • Being in touch with friends. Knowing what’s up with everyone whom I want to know what’s up with.
  • The time to read aitmiyaan-se.
  • Being less cynical. And less worried. And so, World Peace. It seems that the world was nicer before.
  • Free Sundays.
  • Jalebi from Chitoor Bus Stand and friends who would take me there after I’ve cried my eyes out.
  • Old friends who aren’t friends anymore.
  • Enjoying Tirupati and Uttiramerur.

10 things I dream of doing in the next decade

  • Live in Europe.
  • Go bungee jumping off those cliffs in Australia, somehow.
  • Work in Harvard – systems biology.
  • Meet those people I’ve been planning to meet for years, but haven’t.
  • Get married.
  • Visit both Egypt and Israel. And Russia. And Japan. Possibly live in Japan.
  • Write that book.
  • Do meaningful research.
  • Paint. Learn the Veena – what little I knew, I must have forgotten. Speak French and Italian fluently.
  • Visit the Himalayas. Uttar Kashi or something. Also, Gwalior. Udaipur. Write in Tamil. And Hindi.

Don’t quibble. Some of those things are petty, perhaps, meaningless, perhaps, foolish perhaps. But that’s what I want to do. And eventually, I will. I hope.

Here’s to a new year:

pallandu petru palla kodi vazhgai;
[live long and prosper.]
what’s begun badly, goes smoothly later. I hope.

Ze tag arrives again…

I have incredible bad luck. I’d just finished putting together the most interesting *ahem* tag – in notepad. And then the computer crashed on me. Or maybe I’m blessed with a crumby pile of circuits that I call a computer. I’m seriously considering calling her The Bitch. But 20 things about me:

1. I dislike sweets. I eat them, and I won’t complain, but I don’t like them much. I particularly dislike silver foil. I don’t know why. Although the person who gets me chocolate will probably instantly become a good friend.

2. "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." (Bilbo Baggins ,The Fellowship of the Ring, JRR Tolkien)

3. I hate saying goodbye. I don’t like saying “farewell”. I don’t believe in either concept – lives meet, they touch, perhaps for sometime, perhaps for more. When they diverge, and sometimes meet again. I hope for meeting again “later” rather than looking at anything as the end. “Bye” is too much like the end. I won’t say it, unless it slips out.

4. I am biased. I am prejudiced. I am superfluous. I am extremely irrational. I have issues. I am volatile. I am me. I cannot change.

5. Drat, I’m running out of things to say. But I’ll bluff it out anyway. Have loads of practice.

6. A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. – Wilde. I wonder how I’m still alive.

7. I quote random people at random point, with a random relevance. And then I expect people to understand it, except sometimes the quotes are so random that they don’t even realise it’s a quote.

8. I like the concept of randomness and chaos, but somehow keep my life ordered. Don’t ask about the mess that is my desk or my bed. Did I already tell you about the yin-yang principle?

9. I don’t hold grudges (waste of energy) and I find it difficult to hate people. (Actually, whatever I might say, I don’t hate you, babe. πŸ˜› ) Perhaps because – “Always forgive your enemies – nothing annoys them so much.” (Wilde again).

10. I go overboard with things. Like with the quotes in this tag.

11. I also crack a large number of jokes. Pity they are PJs. You define PJ.

12. I’m vegetarian. Like Shaw said, “Animals are my friends… and I don't eat my friends.”… Bheja khana* is a different matter entirely.

13. I believe normal is an illusion. Or relative. For instance, my normal body temperature is 0.7 deg F above normal. You might say I’m hot.

14. I like to think of the positive side of things, because “if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” (Nietzsche)

15. The easiest way to piss me off is to lie to me, or call me a liar. I take both very seriously.

16. I contradict myself. I still make perfect sense. πŸ˜€

17. When I say 'leave me alone', I mean it.

18. I argue a lot. If I agree all the time, be suspicious. I may not be listening at all, because I’ve discovered that the easiest way to shut people up is to agree.

19. I use qualifiers by the kilo (refer: this post) and I’m incredibly verbose.

20. I’ve never wished ill for people, except when I’ve asked that they just disappear, and that isn’t “ill” because I have a temper that blows like camphor taken to a hot enough (and dry enough) climate. As if to contradict that… zydar, you can consider yourself tagged. πŸ˜›

I’m tempted to tag Abhi, but I’m not going to tag anyone. Anyone who wants to can go ahead and tag themselves. Leon, thanks for giving me a chance to say ‘I ‘ (at least) 50 times in one post. One doesn’t get opportunities like that too often πŸ˜€

*Bheja khana is to eat someone’s brains

(You’re It ) *7

I have been tagged by Abhi! and thus the tag continues. *sigh* After chain letter and ythou-art-doomed-if-thou-doest-not-forward, the blog equivalent.

7 things that I plan to do:
Laze around.
Go bungee jumping.
Not think about studying
Update my blog once a day
Write the CAT.
Recover my hindi music.
Tag others

7 things that I can do:
Tag others
Read for hours together
Listen to just about any type of music
Be nice
Think of seven things to fill here
Embroider πŸ˜›

7 things that I can't do:
Find the answer to life, universe adn everything. (No, not 42!)
Watch movies back to back
Stop at seven πŸ˜€
Dance at all πŸ˜›
Understand hindi movies
Understand men
Understand women

7 Words I use most Often:

7 blogs(untagged ones) that I wish to tag:
(picked randomly πŸ˜€ and not so randomly)
the Monk