Carnival of the Green # 94.

Hello and welcome. The carnival of the Green is here for the week of September 10th, 2007, and going strong. The last one was at Organic Authority. Keep tuned for the next edition at Green Style on September 17th.

Paper: The Crusade for the Trees

It is almost refreshing to see due consideration for the cost of the alternative to the environment as Vihar Seth point out the downside of Powering a Paperless World, and applaud a green digital company.

Katie Knorovsky reports @ intelligent travel that Lonely Planet now offers the option of buying book by the chapter.

Joel Williams provides links and resources to How Your Business Can Recycle Paper (in USA, UK and Australia).

Food (and drink)

From Adam Williams, a post on the taste (superior) and quality (safe) of tap water, aka why not bottled water. I liked it. 🙂

Vihar Seth also talks about a PeTA driven vegetarian campaign titled Attention, Planet-Destroying Carnivores at his blog, green | rising.

On the Naked Vegetarian, John Booth says: ‘Pretenders singer talks about her beloved Akron, redeveloping urban downtowns and her new veg restaurant‘.

Other health concerns raised on food additives @ the expatriate’s kitchen.

Emily Haile talks about the Long Trail Brewery in Vermontand their innovatons in eco-brewing: Raising the Bar on Locally Brewed Beer @ intelligent travel.

Pollution/ Environment

On blogfish, Mark Powell says: ‘New study that says pollution is responsible for 40% of human deaths worldwide. Yikes!’

Will climate change shrink mans manhood, too? asks Matt on Behavioral Ecology Blog and says: How long would it take for US politicians to enact meaningful climate change legislation is their genitalia were shrinking??

Preserving Paradise: tiny pristine islands attracts tourists, deals with trash, says Marilyn Terrell @ the intelligent travel.

A perfect example of more holistic thinking about the “costs” of environmental cleanup from the triplepundit.

Judy Kingsbury presents Dirt Isn’t So Cheap on Savvy Vegetarian: ‘Soil erosion is a global crisis – causing food and water shortages and responsible for 30 percent of global warming. Quotes from articles on dirt by Stephen Leahy and Tamsyn Jones‘.

Tiffany Washko presents day to day concerns of living a green, safe life: read a review of the the BPA Free Sippy Cups from the Natural Family Living Blog. But why is this important? BPA is an estrogen-like chemical, found in plastics (even baby items); it accumulates from several sources and builds up to unsafe levels. For those who do not know, Estrogen is a female sexual hormone and babies are not supposed to have as high a level of this hormone as they now do. She also has a post this week on Recycling Adult Toys. Like her, I am not sure I would be willing to use post consumer recycled products in this case, but you can read more at Zen-Mother.

David @ The Good Human on When Green Becomes Standard And We No Longer Notice It. ‘With everyone from petroleum companies to auto manufacturers to Dow Chemical proclaiming to be green, I cannot wait for the day when things are actually green by nature and not just a marketing gimmick.’

Melanie Rimmer provides ‘ten compelling reasons to switch to sturdy reusable bags’ instead of plastic shopping bags on her blog, Bean Sprouts.

Miscellaneous reads

Most of the pro-green world is all for the preservation, and this post from Alina consists of various tips and tricks to ensure that the clothing already in our closet stay in good shape for as long as possible.

Prince of Thrift presents New Hangers Could be Cheaper & Eco-Friendly posted at Becoming & Staying Debt Free.

When will people start behaving as if global warming was an emergency? What will be the tipping point? : A commentary on La Marguerite by Marguerite.

Take a moment to see some photographs of natural beauty at Leticia Velasquez’s Labor Day Camping Trip to Cedar Point at cause of our joy.

contrary1 presents Five Favorite Plants That Are Frugal posted at Saving Advice Blog.

On a different note, check out the very interesting news/note on the downstream effect of biopiracy by Eric Michael Johnson at the Primate Diaries. Quite worth the read!

There’s also a well written, cohesive review of James Lovelock’s The Revenge of the Gaia: Are we marching on Moscow or preparing for Dunkirk? by Natalie Bennett.

A summary of some news by the Activist Mommy: A neat roundup of four environmental stories from Kenya, Brazil, Ontario and Hong Kong.

That’s it for this week’s edition. Remember to keep tuned next week at Green Style!


PS. If I missed out on anything, you can reach me : nineran at yahoo dot com

18 responses to “Carnival of the Green # 94.

  1. Looks like some good reading. Looking forward to reading all the articles.

  2. Wooosh! that’s a lot of links. Gonna take days to read them… Good work! 😀

  3. Thanks so much for hosting the carnival!

  4. Nineran,

    Thanks so much for commenting on my entry. I just checked out the Be The Change folks. Thanks so much for pointing me in their direction. They are doing fabulous work.


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  6. I like the way you’ve broken it into sections – thanks. That’s my week’s reading sorted then!

  7. come clean –
    I hope you do find the time to read. 🙂 They are good entries.

    Sagaro –
    I already read all of them. It takes only a day – or closer to half – if you just settle down and read.

    David –
    The pleasure is mine.

    lamarguerite –
    You’re welcome. And yes, they do do good work. But the idea of taking personal responsibility for the small things is the key point.

    Adam –
    🙂 I’m an organised soul and I’ve often wished people would do that when they are posting so many links… So I did. Didn’t take much extra time. Thank you.

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  9. More should be written on this idea of small acts leading to big changes. I can think of quite a few people I know, including myself, who doubt the effect of their small acts. Any scientific or historical study done on the subject? My hunch it has probably been done already, but I have not taken the time to do the research yet.

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  14. Great job hosting the carnival, very easy to read and get around. Thanks for including my link.

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