On generalised statements that may mean anything.

I cannot for the life of me understand what people* mean when they make vague claims of:

  • unprecedented insight
  • a new perspective on life/evolution/[insert something big here]
  • meriting a fresh look at Life/Universe/[Everything]
  • having important implications.
  • bringing answers to some [major][open] questions

What do these things mean? What is the new insight? What does it imply?

*particularly scientists in the “Conclusion” section of their papers. I suspect that these phrases are used just to flesh out the section.

PS. I, too, am guilty of supplying vague terms when I don’t know what I am saying or what I want to say.


6 responses to “On generalised statements that may mean anything.

  1. =) This is what my dad refers to as ostentatious evincation of aggrandized erudition, which is a slight irony in itself. 😛

  2. Big words used by men with little to say.

  3. @S
    Your dad is fun. 🙂 And right too.

    Twue, indeed.

    You both just distilled my post into a single line!

  4. Hmm, ” having important implications..” I do believe I have heard many government officals say that instead of being specific.

  5. You should be a consultant, then.

  6. Where I come from, we hear big words with no meanings and they usually involve politics. Aggrandizing and enhancing concepts to sound important so they can sell something for a quick buck. It’s a con…sometimes.

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